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Cognitive Dysfunction - Senility in Geriatric Pets

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Cognitive Dysfunction - Senility in Geriatric Pets

As our pets age, our bond with them grows deeper and more intense. We’ve grown to love them more over the years and they are more dependent on our understanding and kindness as they deal with the challenges that the elderly face.

One of the issues described commonly in geriatric pets is “senility” (our medical-ese for this is “cognitive dysfunction”).

Examples are:

  • The old dog that walks out to the yard and stops, staring into space. He doesn’t appear to remember why he’s there. (Or perhaps he does this in the middle of the livingroom.) He only stares off and stands there a while.
  • Some old dogs get stuck in a corner or behind the couch and seem...

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